Eating healthy is very important at any age. As people grow older, eating well can improve mental sharpness, boost energy, increase resistance to illness and encourage a great sense of well-being. Giving the body the right nutrients and maintaining a healthy weight can help individuals to stay active and independent. 

As you age, following a nutritious diet is essential to reduce your chronic disease risk and maintain good health. A healthy diet with plenty of fruits, vegetables, lean meats and whole grain starches helps to provide essential nutrients and vitamins to fuel overall health. With that said, eating well is not always easy for the elderlies as many of them may find it difficult to prepare nutrient-dense meals themselves, which may lead to nutritional frailty. Moreover, elderly may not have the energy or ability to shop or cook. Hence, nutritious and well-balanced meal delivery and catering services can really come in handy.

Catering Penang Halal Healthy

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Location: Penang
Price Range: RM 9.90 onwards per meal (delivery fee included)

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