Differences between Adult Diapers and Adult Pull-Up Pants

Elder Elite Adult Diapers vs. Adult Pull-Up Pants

Choosing the right style of adult incontinence products can be confusing. Hence, it is important to understand the difference between adult diapers and adult pull-up pants for the greatest extent of comfort and confidence. 

Adult Diapers

Adult diapers is also referred to as adult incontinence briefs. It features refastenable tabs on the sides that allow the diaper to be opened and closed for repositioning or changing out without the wearer removing their clothing. Moreover, it is usually made of thicker layers of absorbent materials.

Adult Pull-Up Pants

Adult pull-ups are pulled onto the body and are designed to fit and feel just like regular underwear. It is also referred to as protective underwear. Nevertheless, adult pull-ups are made of soft, cloth-like material which make them a more discreet and less bulky option.

Let’s check out the details and you shall know which one is able to fulfill your needs. 

Adult Diapers vs. Adult Pull-Up Pants

  • Can be changed without completely removing pants
  • Wear like your normal underwear
  • Tab fasteners offer an adjustable fit for awkward shapes and sizes
  • Less bulky and more discreet than adult diapers
  • Suitable to use overnight due to thicker layers of absorbent materials
  • Cloth-like outer layer is less noise when worn
  • Appropriate for more severe cases of incontinence
  • Appropriate for people with mild to moderate incontinence
Adult Diapers
  • Adcare Leak Guard Adult Diapers
  • Hennson Dry Comfort Adult Diapers
  • Absorba Nateen Soft
and more…
Adult Pull-Up Pants
  • Adcare Adult Pants
  • Hennson Dry Fit Adult Pants
  • Absorba Afina Plus Adult Pants
and more…

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