Camsterile Underpad (60cm x 90cm)


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Provide an effective barrier against urine, blood, alcohol and most medication
Made with Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP)
Waterproof plasticized backing
Wrapped edges to prevent leakage

Type: Non-sterile, single use, disposable underpad
Top sheet (Non-woven fabric): to keep dry and comfortable
2nd layer (Soft tissue paper): to fix the fulff well
3rd layer (SAP): high absorbency
4th layer (Soft tissue paper): to fix the fulff well
Back sheet (PE film): waterproof
Size: 60cm x 90cm
Colour: Blue
Packaging: 10pcs/ pack, 10pack/ carton
Application: Baby care, Elderly care, Long-term bedridden, Urinary incontinence, Puerperium
period, mensturation period

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Camsterile Underpad (60cm x 90cm)