Comfort Wooden Adjustable Electric Bed w/ mattress & 1 pair of guard fence

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Imagine the extreme comfort you feel when lying on an adjustable electric bed, especially when the persistent body and joint pains are no more. This unique lifestyle electric reclining bed is made of solid wood, with fine workmanship giving it the classic look and feel. With this luxurious bed you can feel the warmth as you snuggle in and take control of your sleeping position to suit your requirements and preferences. The motor system is of high quality and hails from Germany promising a strong and safe structure for safe operation and protection. What a wonderful addition this would be to any bedroom – simple, strong and stylish. With a mattress specifically designed to suit the natural curves and contours of your body, this bed is definitely designed for lifestyle use. What a perfect way to take a nap or watch your favourite shows.

This product has been exported to Japan, Taiwan, and Korea for more than 10 years. There has been a demand for this bed in Japan and we have successfully delivered these having passed all the stringent & safety requirements needed. The Electrical & Endurance Japan qualified test was obtained along with the Japanese stationery safety inspection report.

The bed is suitable:

  • For those who are facing problems sitting. This bed supports you to sit up easily from the sleeping position.
  • As a backrest when engaged in activities like reading, taking meals and watching television.
  • As a comfort bed for the young and healthy to provide support and relaxing relief for the upper and lower back muscles.
  • For condominium and studio residents who prefer this reclining bed.
  • As it exudes an antique and luxurious look and feel as it blends into your furniture without giving the hospital look to your home.
  • As it provides knee joint pain relief and gives comfort to thigh and calf muscles.
  • As it increases blood circulation and prevents the elderly and bedridden from developing pressure sores.
  • 2 function fixed height home care bed


Comfort Wooden Bed Mattress = 97 x 195cm
Backrest : 0-70 degrees.
Knee Rest: 0-20 degrees.
Maximum user weight: 150kg

Reclining Bed Set

Item Description Carton Box Size ( L x W x H )cm Weight, Kg
1 Wooden Bed ( 2pcs of Cartons )

Carton A

Carton B


205.2 x 30.4 x 8.1

116.2 x 94.4 x 19.6




2 Reclining Bed ( Metal Frame + Actuator) 198 x 99 x 19 35
3 Mattress (combination of PU form and reborn) 195 x 97 x 11.5 (width is between single and super single size) 9.5
4 Guard fence (1 pair) 27 x 4 x 14 3.6


maeve auto reclining bed set


  • In the case of a power outage, there is a wire connected to the bedframe with a socket for a 9v battery, which will allow for light operation.
  • Do not operate the bed with an occupant or load while using a back-up battery, to prevent damage to the system
  • In the case of a replacement mattress, kindly ensure that the total mattress thickness is within 4-6inches and is flexible enough to bend, to prevent damage to the product.


1 year warranty on motor.

For outstation buyers, if there is any fault with the motor, please contact Elder Elite.Asia by sending a video highlighting the details. If need be, you may also have to send the faulty motor for verification. Once confirmed that it is a motor problem, we will make arrangements to send a replacement motor.


It is very easy to assembly. The instruction manual is attached to the carton box.

wooden electric bed wooden electric bed wooden electric bed


instruction for remote control for wooden electric bed

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Comfort Wooden Adjustable Electric Bed w/ mattress & 1 pair of guard fence

RM 350.00RM 4,578.00

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