Pharmaton Capsules with Selenium Ginseng Extract

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Pharmaton capsules contain a balanced combination of G115 concentrated Ginseng Extract,  Multi-vitamins and Minerals to enhance mental and physical performance. Pharmaton capsules is able to help the relief of tiredness and fatigue that associated with a busy lifestyle.

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Product Features:

  • Contain a balanced combination of G115
  • Concentrated Ginseng Extract Vitamins and Mineral
  • To help during periods of exhaustion through stress
  • Help prevent and treat symptoms caused by ill balanced or deficient nutrition
  • Contain Vitamin A

Expired Date: August 2022

DO NOT take this product if you are:
-likely to become pregnant
-breast feeding

Product Details: 100 tablets + FREE 30 tablets

Dosage: 1 capsule in a day (Preferably be taken in the morning with food)

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Pharmaton Capsules with Selenium Ginseng Extract

RM 131.90

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