Trupal Adult Pants

The birth of Trupal brand comes about due to the experience we had with people who has incontinence issues, be it young adults or the elderly. We want these people taken care of easier whether by themselves or the people around them. The incontinence prevalence is as high as 10% of the population in Malaysia, which require serious attention, with many of us are not aware of.


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  • Worm as normal underwear
  • Easy to remove with tear off sides
  • Form-fitting
  • Disrect
  • Size:
    M 23″ – 38″ / 60cm – 120cm (10pcx/ pack)
    L 26″ – 48″ / 80cm – 160cm (10pcs/ pack)
    XL 26″ – 48″ / 114cm – 170cm (10pcs/ pack)
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