Types of Senior Care in Malaysia

In a world that features rapid growth among the elderly community, the search for senior care has never been more relevant and timely. Senior care, often also regarded as elder care is commonly known as a specialised care designed to meet the needs and requirements of the senior citizens.

The circumstances of every elderly may differ from one another. Hence, every individual may require a different or specific type of senior care depending on his / her personal condition. 

Here are a few common ones in Malaysia: 

Companion Care

Companion care is a form of home care that offers non-medical services to elderlies. The companions also provide the following services: 

  • Light housekeeping and simple errands
  • Meal Preparation
  • Scheduling Appointments and Transportation
  • Socialisation and Entertainment

Nursing Care

Nursing care is all about personalisation and doorstep service. Usually led and steered by a team of qualified nurses, a proper nursing care will save you hassle, long queues and the cost of traveling. These nurses are also trained to take on the following:  

  • Tube and Bag Care
  • Medication Administration
  • Respiratory Care
  • Peritoneal Dialysis 
  • Removal of Stitches
  • Oral / Tracheostomy Suctioning
  • Wound Care

Nursing Home

A nursing home is suited for elderlies who are not required to stay in a hospital but cannot be cared for at home. Malaysian nursing homes are typically equipped with staff and nurses that assist elderlies in the areas of daily activities, medical care, physical, speech, occupational therapy.

Old Folks Home

A space specially designed to host the destitute and homeless, an old folks home is a safe space and shelter the elderlies can call home. In Malaysia, there is a rapid expansion of old folks homes that cater to different target markets according to price points and facilities. This means consumers now have more options, ranging from economy to premium homes.

The usual services provided here are support, shelter and health care.

Adult Day Care

Surprise, isn’t it? Apparently, day care isn’t just for kids. Adult Day Care Centres are designed specifically for seniors so they can socialise with others while receiving the necessary assistance and supervision. The typical services available at such centres are health monitoring, therapeutic care and more importantly, social activities.

Retirement Village

A very common concept found in Japan, a retirement village hosts a community and offers a range of accommodation, services as well as facilities. Most of the residents are over a certain age and retired from full-time work. On top of that, this village boasts an array of amenities including a movie theatre, library, licensed bar, café, medical support facilities and event spaces for recreational activities.

Though Malaysia is a little far from establishing a full-fledged retirement village, we strongly believe that a mature, holistic and multi-faceted elderly ecosystem will bring us one step closer.

And that’s it! We hope this information comes in handy in helping you pick the right kind of senior care you or perhaps, your loved ones may need. Above all, understanding the nature of care and doing a little research will keep you on track.

Reach out to us if you need any recommendations, we’re always ready to help!

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